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How to choose a domain name


Anyone who wants to create a new site is usually facing a problem of choosing domain name. The problem is that so many names are already taken and you need to come up with some unique name. You can try to use the name of your company as a domain name, if it is not already occupied (how to find out whether the domain is occupied, please read below).


Process of choosing and purchasing domain name can be divided into 5 stages:

  1. Selection of the domain name;
  2. Choosing domain zone;
  3. Checking uniqueness of domain name;
  4. Checking history of domain name;
  5. Purchasing domain name.


Let’s talk about every stage in more detailed way.


1. Selection of the domain name

This is the most difficult stage, you will most likely return to it for several times.

You can use numbers, letters A-Z and a sign "_" .

The ideal name should be small, easy to remember and relevant to the topic of your site. We are sure that you will figure out most appropriate domain name if you spend little more time on this stage. If you don’t want to spend much time on this stage, just choose the one you like from available and go to stage 2.


2.  Choosing domain zone

There is a lot of domain zones, and each of them has its own history and purpose. You can choose one that you like more or just cheap one.

It is believed that search engines are more "in love" with the domains .ng - if we talk about nigerian market, and .com - international sites.


3. Checking uniqueness of domain name

The most «amusing» step is to check whether such domain name is already taken or not. In 90% of cases this stage leads back to stage 1 :)

On picture 1 you can see how to check the domain name availability on our website.


4. Checking history of domain name

This is a very important topic worth of a separate article even. It is right choice to spend at least 5 minutes for discovering history of domain name because it’s bound directly with further promotion of your site. The reason is - it may happen that you just bought so called "dirty" domain with bad history (for example, was used for spamming) and therefore will never be on the top positions of search engines (e.g. Google) because of that.


5. Purchasing domain name

You can buy almost any desired domain (which isn’t taken) from our company for acceptable price. If you do not have money for that, we can provide you the domain for free which will be hosted on our servers also for free.

We can also recommend to buy a hosting plan alongside with domain from one company. It  will allow you to prevent extra bothering in case when you need to migrate your domain to another server.

The Importance of Web Hosting Customer Service


Regardless of the kind of web hosting service you are using, it is crucial that you receive adequate customer service.  You’ll need a support team standing by that is willing and capable of providing excellent service in times of need.

Know Before You Go

Before you decide to purchase a hosting plan from a web hosting company, it would be wise to ensure that their customer support team is worthy. You can find out how well equipped the support team is by contacting them and asking a few questions, about your concerns. Making sure your concerns are dealt with before purchasing a web hosting plan will give you the opportunity to test the competency of  the customer support team. If you contact the customer support and the representative seems clueless, then you may want to consider another company.


Just because you have hosting service with a reliable company, does not mean you will enjoy reliable customer service.  There are many problems that can occur that can make your web hosting experience a miserable one. If one of these problems were to occur, then you may need to contact your customer support team immediately. Without fast and efficient customer service, you may wind up encountering a problem that could cause financial loss to your online business if not dealt with promptly.

Response Time is Crucial

By far the most important aspect of a qualified customer support team is the ability to answer questions and deal with problems quickly yet efficiently. Time is money in online business, and every minute that goes by is a potential financial loss on your behalf. Try contacting the customer support teams of several prospective web hosts. Clock them and see who gets someone on the phone the fastest. You may even want to do this several times in a row to see who has the fastest average response time.  In some situations you may need support quickly, and you may not be able to wait for assistance.If it takes long time to reach a representative then you should consider another company.


Being The Top Priority

Problems with web hosting services arise on a daily basis, and it is not uncommon to go through  technical difficulties from time to time.  The most important thing to remember when you site goes down is that you have a support team waiting to help you in times of need. If you followed the steps above and you have selected the right web hosting service, then you should have no problems getting help when needed. When the time finally does