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Online Subscription to our services

one month ago

Hello Everyone, we are pleased to announced to you that you can now subscribe/ pay for our services online.

To instantly clean and dry your carpets, copy and pest the link below on your browser.




2 months ago

Marble is an expensive floor tile,and we know very well that replacing it when its dull is not a smart choice,  that is why Everfield kleen ventures is offering you  a low and affordable marble restoration service to restore the shine and Mirrow finish of the existing marble no matter how dull it has become.

Our marble restoration system perfectly restors the original colour of the marble.


1) CLEAING: This is the process in which the Embedded dirt's,wax and other stains are being removed.

2) GRINDING: Grinding with a diamond abrassive removes a very tiny lawyer of the stone to eliminate deep scratches.

3) HONING: This is the process of removing more superficial scratches,flaws from foot traffic and minor stains

4) POLISHING: here we apply the state of the art stone polishing equipment and techniques to achieve a satin and high gloss finishing.

5) SEALING: The stone floor is sealed,protecting it from water and oil based  stains.